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                               WHO WE ARE
IMG_7987We are Jesse and Aby Rinella.
We are outdoor enthusiasts who are passionate about Jesus and his design for familes.
We believe that spending time with our kids outside is a great way to build relationships, show them the hand of God in creation and pass on the heritage that we have in order to leave a legacy.
We write on topics of faith, family and the outdoors for organizations such as NRA Family as well as others.


Aby is, above all, a follower of Jesus.
She is also the director of her local homeschool co-op, director of women’s ministry at her church, wife, mom and teacher to the Rinella  children.
Aby writes and speaks on homeschool, motherhood, parental rights, the culture war and more.
She has a passion for using her words to encourage and inspire others to live the life they were designed to live.